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Terms of Use

We at allow people to reprint material from our site (or link to our site) because it helps to advance our educational mission. Below please find our "Terms of Use Policy" for all reprinted and used content.

We define our content as including but not limited to issues, sub-issues, questions, editorial comments, credibility scales, summaries, methodologies, images/maps, charts, programming code, domain names, compilation of quotes, color schemes, glossaries, all other non-quoted text, the presentation and layout of all of the aforementioned, and the look and feel of our sites. wants to understand how our information is proliferated and what impact our organization is having. We greatly appreciate notification by email ([email protected]) prior to publication of where and when the reprinted content will appear.

We value your feedback and the time you spend on our sites. Thanks for visiting

Terms of Use Policy: allows its content to be reprinted only if:

  1. All content quoted from the sites is quoted verbatim, and

  2. Online credit should appear as "Reprinted with permission of" (We also appreciate hyperlinks to, and

  3. Offline and printed credits follow either MLA, Chicago, or APA style manual bibliographic protocols (see the following samples), and

    1. MLA: "Statements by Key Founding Fathers on Religion in Government." 22 Feb. 2006 <>.

    2. Chicago:, "Statements by Key Founding Fathers on Religion in Government,", <> (22 February 2006).

    3. APA: Statements by Key Founding Fathers on Religion in Government. Retrieved February 22, 2006, from

  4. Use of the reprinted content complies with the doctrine of "fair use" (to read more about this doctrine, visit:, and

  5. For reprinting requests that do not meet all of conditions numbered one through four, please email the Managing Editor prior to publication for permission, which may or may not be granted.

    Third parties cannot use content, employee statements, or anything else considered proprietary to in advertising, marketing, or other promotional efforts without prior written permission from management. Requests for such use should be directed to the Managing Editor.

    The following information should be included in any email requesting such permissions:

    1. The specific text or item wanted for reprinting

    2. Intended use of the reprinted material

    3. Name and contact information of intended publication or organization

    4. Year the business was founded and its for-profit or non-profit status

    5. Date or approximate date of publication

    6. Number of copies, circulation, and/or hit traffic of publication where ProCon content is intended.

    Please note that we may also ask for additional relevant information.

    The quoted content that appears on web sites remains the intellectual property of the respective quote originators. If you are interested in reprinting quoted material that appears on our sites, please direct your request to the original source of the quoted content.