Nuclear Power BACK

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Select List of Major Adjustments to
Nuclear Power Programs Since 19801

Country Nature of Shift Major Reasons for Shift
Argentina 4 planned plants canceled; one under construction in danger of cancellation. Financial problems; foreign debt; new civilian government.
Brazil Government canceled 6 of 8 planned plants in 1986; delayed 2 others. Financial problems; foreign debt; new civilian government.
China 8 of 10 plants canceled in 5-year plan of 1986. Foreign exchange requirements.
France Slowdown from 6 orders in 1980 to 1 each in 1986 and 1987. Slowed electricity demand growth; nuclear over-capacity.
Italy Planned capacity cut drastically. Rising costs; safety; strong local opposition.
Japan Capacity goals cut in 1984. Government still committed to program. Slowed electricity demand growth; technical problems.
Mexico Plans to build 20 plants reduced to 2. Financial problems; foreign debt.
Spain 5 plants under construction mothballed or canceled, 1983. Rising costs; technical problems; new government's policies.
Sweden 1980 referendum called for phase out by 2010. 1986 statements affirm course. Safety and waste concerns, intensified by Chernobyl.
United Kingdom No plant orders in 7 years. Political opposition.
United States 54 plants canceled; no new orders; de facto moratorium. Rising costs; slowed electricity demand growth.
West Germany Major delays in most plant construction; de facto moratorium on new orders. Slowed electricity demand growth; political opposition.

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